Doing Exercise


VIDA Pilates has its base in Classical Pilates where our focus is functional strength-training in proper alignment to improve posture, alleviate joint pain, and develop deep core strength. We use every piece of apparatus, from the reformer to the Cadillac, to the wundachair to have a well-rounded and effective exercise program.

Pilates is Pilates, but VIDA Pilates is our dedication to the classical Pilates method and our commitment to our community. VIDA Pilates stays true to the company culture of our parent company, Urban Adventures.

We have multiple locations, and you can practice at all of them. VIDA Pilates lives inside a gym. And while VIDA Pilates is open to everyone, we are visible to folks in the fitness community that might not otherwise have an interest in Pilates. Pilates is an asset to everyone, from Olympic weightlifters to marathon runners. Pilates helps you live life better and our unique position inside VIDA Fitness makes us more accessible to a wider community.

Classical vs Contemporary

What even IS Pilates? The term “Pilates” is used to define a multitude of fitness regimens, but there are only two kinds of Pilates: Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates.

Classical Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Known in its early days as “Contrology,” Pilates is an exercise method that unites mind, body, and spirit through controlled movements that emphasize the use of the core.

Contemporary Pilates is literally everything else.