VIDA Pilates reformer

The OG of Pilates equipment, the Reformer places the body in ideal alignment and builds strength around that alignment. You will leave feeling taller and stronger.

VIDA Pilates Tower
Strengthen & Lengthen

The tower was created to make the Pilates Cadillac approachable for group classes.With a series of springs and bars that can be moved to accommodate a wide variety of strength-based exercises, you will feel longer and leaner after your very first class.

VIDA Pilates 30/30
Best of Both Worlds

This popular class combines at least 2 formats for optimal alignment, strength, and length!

VIDA Pilates Headshots Jumpboard
Horizontal Running

Ever wondered how you could get a runner’s high while also avoiding stress on the joints… or being at all upright? We have the answer! Jumboard is a cardio, HIIT training class that incorporates safe cardiovascular exercise and classical reformer strength work. You’ll hate how much you love it!

VIDA Pilates Private
Personalized Instruction

Pilates was designed to be taught in a 1-on-1 environment. These sessions include an alignment and gait analysis and an ongoing program designed specifically to meet your goals and needs.

VIDA Pilates Duets

Want to get strong with your partner, friend, colleague, or family member? We are happy to accommodate!

VIDA Pilates PrePost Natal
Pre/Post Natal
Recover & Strengthen

Pilates is the most important form of exercise for pre/postnatal women. Yes, we are THAT confident. Pilates will help you stay strong, avoid back and joint pain, and promote a quick postnatal recovery.